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Logline and Synopsis


A husband must overcome his porn addiction in order to become the man he's destined to be.


The story revolves around James Richards, who is three months into a marriage with his beautiful wife, Cadina. Yet, he’s still grappling with a serious porn addiction. When Cadina confronts him on this disturbing habit, James immediately denies any wrongdoing. This denial puts a strain on their, otherwise perfect, relationship.

James’ addiction is so strong, that it distracts him from giving his full attention to those who rely on him for guidance such as his close friend, Louis Rodriguez, an established independent rap artist, who has the opportunity to join a major label, but his rap partner, Emmanuel DeBest, discovers that his calling is more philanthropic than music. His best friend, Freeman Souls, has an important proposition for James but has detected a subtle change in his behavior.

James has even resorted to ignoring his beloved mother, Grace, who is encouraging him to come back to church. Even Cadina’s insistence of finding a church home for the family falls on deaf ears. But then James is confronted by a higher power which forces James to deal with his troubled past and become the man he’s destined to be.

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